Foreign AffiliaTes Statistics (FATS) (2009 Edition)

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Foreign AffiliaTes Statistics (FATS) (2009 Edition)

This manual provides a common methodological framework for anyone working on the collection, compilation, transmission and analysis of FATS. As such, it will make significant contributions to data quality and comparability. The target audience are FATS compilers, including statisticians in National Statistical Institutes, National Central Banks, Eurostat and other international organisations. The manual can be used also by users as background information.

This FATS Recommendations manual aims at laying down the methodology and guidelines for the collection and compilation of inward and outward FATS. Member States of the European Union have to provide information to Eurostat according to the FATS-R, the implementing and amending FATS Commission Regulations and the recommendations given in this manual. Full implementation of these recommendations will help to ensure that FATS are compiled and maintained on a consistent basis in all Member States; hence comparability and quality should be assured.

Custodian: Eurostat


KS-AR-09-014-EN.pdf KS-AR-09-014-EN.pdf (8.03 MB, 8,009 views)

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