The General Data Dissemination System (2007 Edition)

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The General Data Dissemination System (2007 Edition)

The purpose of this Guide is to explain the nature and objectives of the General Data Dissemination System (GDDS), to describe its operation, and to provide practical guidance to IMF member countries on participation in the GDDS. The GDDS gives members a basic framework for a broader national statistical development strategy. That is, it covers a set of statistics recognized to be essential for all countries for policymaking and analysis in an environment that increasingly requires relevant, comprehensive, and accurate statistics. The GDDS addresses the full range of issues critical for compiling and disseminating data and making explicit plans for improvement to align national procedures with best practices.

Custodian: IMF


gdds_guides_english.pdf gdds_guides_english.pdf (510.42 KB, 2,118 views)

gdds_guides_arabic.pdf gdds_guides_arabic.pdf (626.12 KB, 2,055 views)

gdds_guides_french.pdf gdds_guides_french.pdf (466.60 KB, 2,398 views)

gdds_guides_russian.pdf gdds_guides_russian.pdf (557.50 KB, 2,473 views)

gdds_guides_spanish.pdf gdds_guides_spanish.pdf (648.01 KB, 3,719 views)

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