Quality Guidelines for Official Statistics - Finland

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Quality Guidelines for Official Statistics - Finland

Statistical information is the end product of a complex process comprising many stages. The production of statistics is based on a statistical system methodology, which is a collection of theoretical and practical procedures. From these procedures the statistical expert must make appropriate selections and applications. Moreover, the expert must be able to describe the used methodologies clearly and comprehensibly to stakeholders. This Handbook of Quality Guidelines for
Official Statistics aims to support the development of statistics production and interaction with stakeholders. Much like its predecessor, this edition of the Handbook will again also be utilised in customer and personnel training.

The statistical production process constitutes the core of our activity. Statistics Finland abounds with skills and knowledge connected with this production process, and with the design and implementation of statistical systems. The central purpose of Statistics Finland’s Quality Guidelines for Official Statistics is to gather existing knowledge and current best methods into the organisation’s common competence capital. Shared utilisation of this capital and harmonisation of production processes within the whole organisation form the underpinnings for raising productivity and for continuous improvement of the quality of statistics.


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