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Annual statistical survey on trade and catering enterprises: summary methodology - Lithuania

The topic of this document is to describe methodology of annual statistical survey on trade and catering enterprises, estimation of turnover of trade enterprises (VAT excluded), number of shops, their sales space, calculation of volume of alcoholic and tobacco products in Statistics Lithuania.

This document is organized in 8 parts. Part 1 defines the Survey purpose, Part 2 lists the Legal bases. Classifications used are the topic of Part 3. Part 4 describes the Survey population and parameters estimated. Part 5 deals with Methods used. Part 6 is devoted to Data sources and periodicity of data compilation. Part 7 gives information on release of the survey results to users (format, release dates, modes of dissemination). Finally, Part 8 points to actual Contact person with his/her contact details.

Custodian: Statistics Lithuania


trade_catering_enterprise_091130.pdf trade_catering_enterprise_091130.pdf (59.38 KB, 2,973 views)

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