Consumer Price Index Manual: Theory and Practice (2004)

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Consumer Price Index Manual: Theory and Practice (2004)

The manual contains detailed comprehensive information and explanations on compiling a consumer price index (CPI). It provides an overview of the conceptual and theoretical issues that statistical offices should consider when making decisions on how to deal with the various problems in the compilation of a CPI, and is intended for use by both developed and developing countries. The chapters cover many topics; they elaborate on the different practices currently in use, propose alternatives whenever possible, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.

The main purpose of the manual is to assist producers of consumer price indices, particularly in countries that are revising or setting up their CPIs. It draws on a wide range of experience and expertise in an attempt to describe practical and suitable measurement methods. It should also help countries to produce their CPIs in a more comparable way so that statistical offices and international organizations can make meaningful international comparisons. Bringing together a large body of knowledge on the subject, the manual may be used for self-learning, or as a teaching tool for training courses on the CPI.

Other CPI users, such as employers, workers, policy-makers and researchers, are also targeted. The manual will inform them not only about the different methods that are employed in collecting data and compiling such indices, but also of the limitations, so that the results may be interpreted correctly.


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