Concentration ratios for businesses by industry in 2004 - UK

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Concentration ratios for businesses by industry in 2004 - UK

This article provides detailed information and statistics produced by the ONS covering UK concentration ratios for business by industry based on the Input-Output Annual Supply and Use Tables.

These statistics provide users with an estimate of the economic importance of relatively large businesses in each industry. The focus of this article is on concentration ratios, changes that have taken place, and the extent of the concentration. This article is not about the competitive nature of the market structure. Concentration ratios can also provide information regarding industry's competitiveness and the scope for the economies of scale.

The estimates in this article are consistent with those published in the 2006 Blue Book, 2006 Pink Book and 2006 Input-Output Analyses publications.  

Custodian: Office for National Statistics UK


ConcentrationRatiosBusiness2006-UK.pdf ConcentrationRatiosBusiness2006-UK.pdf (223.84 KB, 4,064 views)

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