Water Account Australia 2004-05

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Water Account Australia 2004-05

This is the third edition of the ABS Water Account and is a significant improvement on previous editions. In particular, increased ABS survey activity, better business reporting and greater access to State and Territory data have led to improvements in data quality and additional information on water entitlements, allocations and trading has been added. Chapter 2 presents the supply and use (or flow) tables for 2004–05 as well as the revised data for 2000–01. Volumes of water supplied, used and discharged are presented by industry in these tables. Water use is split by self-extracted, distributed water, and reuse water. Chapters 3–7 take a more detailed look at the supply and use of water in the Australian economy and include a range of additional information to help understand the data. Chapter 8 includes a summary of information on water access entitlements, allocations and trading. Chapter 9 presents information on water stocks. Water stocks refer to the long term availability of water resources, and data are presented for rainfall, run-off, as well as the storage capacity and volume held in large dams.


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