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Update of the Economy-wide material flow indicators time series for Italy and Italian Physical Input Output Table

Indicators on material input and material consumption derived from Economy-Wide Material Flow Accounts (EW-MFA), have first been calculated for Italy in 2003, in the framework of a project cosponsored by Eurostat; they were referred to the period 1980-1998. The present part of the report illustrates the results of the work carried out hence for the updating of the series to 2001. In order to maintain the continuity of the series, no substantial change has been introduced in this updating with respect to the methods of calculation of the indicators used in the previous project. Given the methods and data sources, the production of the EW-MFA-based indicators dealt with here can be considered routine work, as data acquisition and elaboration has been arranged in a semi-automatic way. However, the update work has revealed that some calculations will need some reconsideration, mainly as a consequence of changes in the availability of data.


Italian_MFA_1980_2001.pdf Italian_MFA_1980_2001.pdf (21.26 MB, 1,882 views)

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