Land Accounts for Europe 1990-2000

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Land Accounts for Europe 1990-2000

This report provides an overview and discussion of some of the key results that have emerged from the construction of environmental accounts for land and ecosystems. The materials are presented in such a way that those interested can gain a critical insight into what has been achieved. The report is organised into four parts. Chapters 1 and 2 provide an introduction to the context of the work and an overview of the land accounts at the European scale. Part II (Chapters 3–5) describes some of the results in more detail, and focuses particularly on how the accounts can be used to gain an insight into the processes of land cover change on a range of spatial scales across the EEA member countries. The third part of this report (Chapters 6–8) looks at the methodologies, data resources and analytical techniques in more detail. Part IV concludes with a discussion of what has been achieved and how the accounting model might be developed in the future. In particular, the area of developing both targeted accounts and those dealing with ecosystems and their associated goods and services are debated.


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