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Natural Resource Accounts for the state and economic contribution of forests and woodland resources in Swaziland

This study made an attempt to account for the true contribution of forest and woodland resources to economic wellbeing in Swaziland. A natural resource and environmental accounting approach was used to correct national accounts for the missing values of forest resource stocks and flow benefits. As the produce of cultivated plantations and their forward processing industries is commercially exploited and sold in markets, their contribution to national income is captured in the formal national accounts. However, the value of net accumulation in their asset stocks is not part of the assets’ accounts’ balance sheets. This study established the timber and carbon assets’ values of cultivated plantations for the 1988-99 period. When assets’ accounts were corrected for the net accumulation in timber and carbon stocks of plantations, gross domestic savings, a measure of genuine welfare improved by more than 2.3%. The study however, did not correct for the environmental externality costs of plantations in terms of their impacts on ecosystem’s functions such as stream flow reduction and erosion of biodiversity.


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