Fish Monetary Stock Account 1996-2006 - New Zealand

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Fish Monetary Stock Account 1996-2006 - New Zealand

The fish monetary stock account presents a time series asset value of New Zealand’s commercial fish resource, based on quota values. Asset values in this report are derived from the quota and annual catch entitlement (ACE) values of the commercial fish resource as managed under the Quota Management System (QMS). The time series show trends in the total asset value of New Zealand’s commercial fish resource and trends in the asset values of selected species, which can be utilised for analysis by government and the wider community. The report also presents technical notes and a description of how fish stocks are valued. Individual valuations are provided for the 20 fish species managed under the QMS with the highest monetary asset value in 2006. In 2006 these 20 species made up over 90 percent of the total value of the fish resource: alfonsino, arrow squid, barracouta, blue cod, bluenose, hake, hapuku and bass, hoki, ling, orange roughy, oreo, päua, rock lobster, scallop, scampi, school shark, silver warehou, snapper, southern blue whiting and tarakihi.


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