Gross Domestic Product by Industry - Sources and Methods (Canada)...

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Gross Domestic Product by Industry - Sources and Methods (Canada)

The topic of this document is Gross Domestic Product by industry, as compiled and published by the Canadian System of National Accounts (CSNA) of Statistics Canada.

This document is organized in seven chapters. Chapter 1 defines GDP by industry, describes its various uses, and discusses how monthly GDP by industry connects with the other components of the Canadian SNA. The most frequently used terms in this document such as industry, output, intermediate inputs and domestic production are also defined here. Chapter 2 deals with the derivation of the output based estimates, first describing the calculation of annual value added within the framework of the Input-Output tables, followed by the calculation of the monthly estimates. Industry and commodity classification schemes are the topic of Chapter 3. The subject of Chapter 4 is deflation. The choice of deflators, the role of the base year and the method of rebasing are addressed here. Chapter 5 deals with such technical issues as benchmarking, trading day and seasonal adjustment. Chapter 6 is devoted to the presentation of the monthly GDP by industry estimates, such as the format, release dates and modes of dissemination. The frequency and the reasons for revisions are also given in this chapter. Finally, in appreciation of what has been done in the past, Chapter 7 reviews the historical development of monthly GDP by industry from 1926 to the present.

Custodian: Statistics Canada


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