Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual

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Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual

The purpose of the Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual (MFSM, or manual) is to offer guidelines for the presentation of monetary and financial statistics. In addition to their role in assisting in monetary policy formulation and monitoring, the statistics covered in this volume form a basis for the development of a statistical framework for assessing financial sector stability.

The MFSM first provides a set of tools for identifying, classifying, and recording stocks and flows of financial assets and liabilities. It then describes standard, analytically oriented frameworks in which the statistics may be presented and identifies a set of analytically useful aggregates within those frameworks. The International Monetary Fund (IMF, or the Fund) has designed the MFSM primarily to be useful to compilers of monetary and financial statistics, both experienced and aspiring, who are developing or updating their national statistics. It may also be useful to compilers, as well as users, of other macrostatistics in understanding the relationships among the various sets of macrostatistics.

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