Consultative Meeting on Violence against women, Beirut, 8-10 November 2011


Background and objectives:
In its resolution 61/143 (2006), reconfirmed by resolution 62/133 (2008) on intensification of efforts to eliminate all forms of violence against women, the General Assembly requested the Statistical Commission to develop and propose, in consultation with the Commission on the Status of Women, and building on the work of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, a set of possible indicators on violence against women in order to assist States in assessing the scope, prevalence and incidence of violence against women. To that end, the Friends of the Chair group was established by the Statistical Commission at its thirty-ninth session (2008) (decision 39/116).

The Friends of the Chair submitted its first report to the Statistical Commission at its 40th session in 2009. The report, adopted by the Statistical Commission, requested the United Nations Statistics Division to initiate and conduct work on developing a set of Guidelines for Producing Statistics on Violence Against Women that will provide full methodological guidance regarding the selection of core and additional topics, sources of data, relevant statistical classifications, outputs, wording of the questions and all other pertinent issues.

The United Nations Statistics Division prepared the draft of the Guidelines and after internal reviewing and editing it in terms of technical substance, the draft is now ready to be reviewed be experts from both developing and developed countries. The Consultative Meeting scheduled from 8-10 November 2011 in ESCWA premises, Lebanon, will review the draft in its entirety and in detail.

  1. Programme of work
  2. Guidelines for Producing Statistics on Violence Against Women: Statistical Survey

Friends of the Chair group for indicators on
Violence against Women

The Statistical Commission, at its 39th session, in compliance with General Assembly resolution 62/133, approved the formation of Friends of the Chair group to conduct an in-depth technical review of proposed indicators to measure violence against women, and requested the group to report back to the Commission at its fortieth session.
(This text is contained in the Statistical Commission report on the 39th session, Feb. 2008, document E/2008/24 and E/CN.3/2008/34).
Report submitted to the 40th Statistical Commission session:
Arabic / Chinese / English / French / Russian / Spanish
Members: Australia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, Ghana, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Turkey, and United States of America.
Aguascalientes, Mexico, 9-11 December 2009
  1. Provisional agenda: English / Spanish
  2. List of participants
  3. Information for participants
  4. Documents
  5. Conclusions and recommendations
  6. Final report


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